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Even Batman has to queue sometimes. The MCM Comic Con in London, which takes place twice a year, is absolutely epic. More than 50,000 people pass through its doors dressed as superheroes, anime characters and computer game stars.

But it’s a slow process. While tons of fantasy characters are running around outside taking pictures of each other, inside, herded through a vast room divided by a maze of gates, is the biggest queue I’ve ever seen. I’d been debating whether to go to the Comic Con in London, or a zombie walk in Brighton, but queuing for the Comic Con was much the same thing. After a couple of hours of shuffling, my limbs slowly willing themselves to fall off, finally we were set free.


Inside, there was much to see. Spider-Man hugging Pikachu, beautiful Bronies, anime princesses with flowing wigs of pink and blue and green, and possibly a few too many “free hugs” signs. There are the usual industry booths and stalls, but most people are there to look at the other cosplayers. It’s an event where the patrons are the show.

I stopped a few cosplayers for chats, many who’d come from miles around. “It takes a quarter of the day to get here, another quarter to get in,” said one.

Some were pros, others newbies. “This is my first time dressing up,” said a Team Rocket member. “It helps if you have a girlfriend who does it.”

But there would be none of this without the artists and writers who dream it all up. And so to the Comics Village I went to meet lots of great local creators hoping to gain attention for their talent. Here are a few to check out:

The Moon (what the moon gets up to during the day – fighting crime of course!)
Tallisman Rogue
Ushio Comics – Japanofail!
The dark confessional world of Dominic Lyne

One artist even said he saw someone dressed as his creation, Killer Bunny. It’s a comic creator’s dream come true.

Underling and Pirachu
Underling and Pirachu

Next month in Australia, it’s time for Supanova, and that means artist Dan Gilmore and myself will be hosting our own FIRST EVER COMIC STAND! Please come and check us out. We’ve been rushing towards creating our first book for LUV Comics – our geek meets girl tale of love, social awkwardness, music and zombies. If you’re not in Australia, you can check the comics out online. We’d love to know what you think!

So, comic conventions – a place where fantasy does not quite meet reality. And now, here, compiled for you, are some funny things I overheard at the MCM Comic Con London.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen or heard at a comics convention?

Overheard at MCM Comic Con London:

Grell Sutcliff and Ms Marvel
Grell Sutcliff and Ms Marvel

“I said, ‘This is not a phase, Mum, this is who I am.’” (Naruto girl)

“I’m dressing up as Hikemon, from an ancient Japanese cartoon about people who go hiking.” (A dad in normal clothes)

“You know what this reminds me of? A school trip.” (walking to the event)

“Follow the Pikachu.”

“I’ve just seen a fez. That means Dr. Who.”

“Someone’s dropped a banana. That means there’s a Donkey Kong somewhere.”

“409, 410, 411, 412 fist bumps!” (A girl in the epic queue)

“Stop swinging your sword about, you’re going to hit someone on the head!” (Elf to orc)

Onyx guard and Juliet Starling
Onyx guard and Juliet Starling

“Not a good look. Do you want a nice warm bowl of ‘no’.” (Guys commenting on a girl’s skimpy outfit)

“That big foam mallet means there’s a Harley Quinn.”

“I just saw a giraffe!”

“…… le costume” (in French)

“I’m not quite normal.”

“If you die can I have your leet password?”

“If you die can I have your manga collection?”

“What does your wallet have on it? Probably a picture of a dick.”

Team Rocket
Team Rocket
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