Supanova explodes


LUV Comics had an awesome time at its first ever convention, Supanova, in Brisbane, this weekend. We SOLD OUT of our debut book A Geeks’ Guide to Girls. And after that we even took orders for more copies… so if you think you missed out, you haven’t. Get your requests in now.

Lots of cool colourful people came to visit our stall, including Spider-Man, Loki, Pikachu and Edward Scissorhands.

And LUV’s main characters Claudia and Maynard got out and about amongst the crowd too, taking photos with some keen cosplayers. Maynard is a big nerd after all. Have you spotted the number of geeky T-shirts he has in our comic? And Claudia wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to pose with a hunky guy.

Myself and artist Dan Gilmore were on hand to give FREE DATING ADVICE to passers-by. And that was kind of fun – dishing out words of wisdom gained from years of experience. So glad relationships mistakes could be poured into something useful – advice and a comic.


We were trying to figure out our audience, which ranged from teenage girls to 30-something guys. A surprising number of dads bought copies for their sons.

“Are you a geek?” I asked one sharply dressed young man who was there with his dad. “No, but I’d like to be,” he said.

Isn’t that awesome? To be a geek is now something to be desired.

And our first review is in! “I like Maynard, but I don’t like Claudia. She’s too rude.” – Sally’s Mum

So, stay tuned for more episodes of LUV online. In the meantime, you can catch up on what you missed out on by placing your order with us… as soon as we figure out this online ordery thingy.

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