Margot Robbie, zombie queen

This week I interviewed the charming Margot Robbie, the Gold Coast girl and star of the much talked about film The Wolf of Wall Street.

She was absolutely lovely and told me in the course of our chat she is actually a big zombie fan. So, of course, I told her about LUV Comics.

Here’s what she said about zombies below. For the full interview, pick up today’s U on Sunday magazine in The Sunday Mail.

“The book I’m reading at the moment, my sister gavMARGOT ROBBIEe it to me for Christmas, it’s a zombie survival guide. I have this bizarre fascination, more so a conviction that there’s a pending zombie apocalypse around the corner. I stay up at night, planning how I’m going to (deal with it), a short term plan, a long term plan, feasible options. When she gave me that book, I was like brilliant, there’s a plethora of information I can use. I’ve been reading that quite closely at the moment.

“I’m the girl to talk to. When I worked with Will (Smith) on Focus, I sat him down and interrogated him on I Am Legend. I’m like, ‘Give me all the information you’ve got!’ And he’s like, ‘Margot, this is a made-up thing’ and I’m like, ‘Will, tell me everything you know.’ And it was fine because he said Jayden, his son, also has the same irrational fear about the impending zombie apocalypse.”

Go Margot! Hmn, wonder what advice we can give her on the impending apocalypse…?

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