Hot news about the Warmest 100

It’s that time of year again – the chance to see and hear what everyone else is listening to when Triple J counts down its annual Hottest 100. Oh, and something about a national day and Aussie pride and barbecues and flags something something.

Anyway, you may already know that two delightful social media tech-heads from Brisbane did a bit of geeky statistical analysis and predicted the results of the Hottest 100 based on what people were uploading to their social media sites. The called it The Warmest 100. It caused a bit of stir with bookies and other people of high moral standards.

Anyway, I got to have a chat with one of the lovely young fellows, Nick Drewe, who swears that no harm was meant. Story here.

Well, Australia Day just got geekier. Nick’s mate David Quach is a Australian economist based in Chicago, who has taken their analysis one step (or several) further and predicted how accurate their predictions actually are. *Scratches head, drinks beer.* Story from The Vine here.

So, Australia Day: not just about beer and barbecues.

Can anyone do a number crunch on how many barbecues will be going on around Australia tomorrow? And what’s the statistical likelihood of running out of beer before 1pm?

Also, what songs did you vote for?

Happy Hottest 100 Day all!

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